Frankenberry Refs

Kip Frankenberry
Design Manager


I highly recommend that Michael Christoff be considered for any position requiring
creative design development of websites and/or books, or the project management of
such designs.

Michael Christoff was hired into the Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Design Department on
May of 2006 as a Designer. Throughout Mike’s career he demonstrated that he had the
qualifications to be a valued employee. He was very easy to work with, creative, and he
acted in a professional manner in all circumstances.

Mike understood the importance of collaboration and communication in design
development. He knew that he needed to clarify Editorial and Marketing expectations as
well as articulate his own. He proactively researched market trends and the competition
knowing that it would aid him in creating successful product designs. His multiple
concepts provided for each design he has developed, shows a very high level of

Mike created successful SE, TWE, and Ancillary interior and cover designs for multiple
Social Studies, Math, French, and Science programs during his years as a Designer with
Glencoe. His design skills and perseverance in implementing Editorial and Marketing
design requests helped to develop these programs to fit our customer needs, which in
turn, meant a success in the marketplace. Mike’s designs included cover and interior
designs for American History, Civics, Earth Science, and Aside se dice. Mike also created
successful online website designs for the McGraw-Hill CDI department. This included
Instant Science, Media Library, MyBooks, and many website logos.

Mike graduated from The Ohio State University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in
Visual Communications, and minors in Architecture, Art History and Photography.
When Mike applied for the job here at McGraw-Hill, he presented an outstanding
portfolio representing graphic designs that he had conceptualized and produced since
his graduation. His work experience, which is sampled in his portfolio, covers all levels
of design sophistication, from elementary to high tech. He had worked for The Ryan
Partnership, an advertising group that represented such national clients as Nestles and
Chase bank. Prior to this he created a wide variety of print material for The Ohio State
University. While living in San Antonio, Texas, Mike, conceptualized and created a new
corporate identification program for SecureLogix Corporation. Mike also created graphic
designs for Hallmark cards, InterArt, and NBBJ Architects.

Mike has the computer skills in all the necessary graphics applications for text and
website products. His portfolio will show that he has a thorough understanding of
typography, color, and page and website formatting.

Due to Mike’s graphic design skills, conceptual creativity, and communication skills, I
feel Mike would be a valuable addition to any company.


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