DJ Phensuvabharp Ref

DJ Phensuvabharp
Head of Analysis and Design
Center for Digital Innovation for McGraw-Hill Education
614  430-4164

January 8, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept the enclosed letter of reference for Mr. Mike Christoff.

I have known Mr. Christoff for three years as a professional colleague at McGraw-Hill Education
from 2009 through 2011.

Mr. Christoff is a highly talented designer who could weave together purpose and fine
aesthetics to create web interfaces for use in educational publishing at McGraw-Hill Education.
In 2010, he designed a fresh, sophisticated interface for Instant Science, a product for
educators which included tools for managing classes, planning lessons, and making class
presentations. In 2011, he applied his skills towards two critical projects for McGraw-Hill. The
first was to refresh ConnectED, an existing platform of teaching tools and learning materials
already in use by thousands of educators and students. He incorporated new features into
existing screens, listening intently to customer support representatives and developers alike to
ensure the enhanced site would attract new customers to the platform while pleasing current
customers with intuitive, easy to learn improvements. The second project was to increase the
usability of the Content Management System, a homegrown system for McGraw-Hill’s digital
editors to manage online content. Mr. Christoff worked with a team to identify pain points and
carefully redesigned the interactions and flows for several major features to the delight of the
users of the system.

Mr. Christoff’s positive attitude and determination were critical to his success as a designer. His
elegant, sophisticated design style infused his projects with a welcome simplicity that many
web applications cannot achieve. Finally, his easy-going nature and witty sense of humor made
him a pleasure to work with.

If I may provide you with any further information in your consideration of Mr. Mike Christoff,
please feel free to contact me.


DJ Phensuvabharp

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